The HBCU Movement Engages in Thrilling Overtime Battle, Falls Short Against #12 Ranked Houston Redstorm


The HBCU Movement Engages in Thrilling Overtime Battle, Falls Short Against #12 Ranked Houston Redstorm

Houston, Texas – October 29th, 2023 – In a heart-pounding showdown, The HBCU Movement displayed unparalleled resilience and unwavering spirit as they went head-to-head with the formidable #12 ranked Houston Redstorm. Despite their remarkable efforts, the Movement faced a heartbreaking loss with a final score of 132-130 in overtime.

Game Highlights:

Date: October 29th, 2023
Opponent: #12 ranked Houston Redstorm
Result: The HBCU Movement 130, Houston Redstorm 132
Leading Scorer: Sam Shivers (Tennessee State University)
The game was a rollercoaster of emotions, with both teams displaying exceptional skill and determination. The HBCU Movement’s Sam Shivers, representing Tennessee State University, emerged as the game’s leading scorer, leaving a significant mark on the court with their remarkable performance.

The Movement’s fans witnessed an unforgettable basketball spectacle, as the team fought relentlessly, matching the energy and intensity of their esteemed opponents. The overtime period added an extra layer of excitement, showcasing the passion and commitment of both teams.

Coach Kevin Williams Sr. shared his thoughts on the game:

“It was a tough game to lose being up 10 points with a minute left is really disappointing. But even in the loss, I was proud of my team. This being our first season in the American Basketball Association and losing to the #10 ranked North Alabama Wardawgs by 5 points and then losing tonight by 2 points in overtime shows that we belong on this stage. We will bounce back from this and get ready for our home opener on November 4th in New Orleans at Dilliard University.”

The Movement’s journey in the American Basketball Association is marked by their resilience, determination, and commitment to excellence. Coach Williams Sr.’s words reflect the team’s unwavering spirit and their determination to overcome challenges and emerge stronger.

Looking Ahead:

The HBCU Movement is ready to learn from this thrilling experience and use it as fuel for their upcoming games. The future holds more opportunities for the Movement to shine and celebrate their heritage, talent, and unity.

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Join us in celebrating the passion, excellence, and unwavering spirit of The HBCU Movement.

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