HBCU Movement Displays Tenacity Despite Loss in Regular Season Opener


The HBCU Movement Displays Tenacity Despite Loss in Regular Season Opener

New Orleans, Louisiana – October 28th, 2023 – The HBCU Movement, a pioneering force in the American Basketball Association (ABA), kicked off their regular season on October 28th with a spirited battle against the #10 ranked North Alabama Wardawgs. While the Movement may have faced their first loss of the season, their commitment to excellence and unity shines brighter than ever.

Event Highlights:

Date: October 28th, 2023
Opponent: North Alabama Wardawgs
Result: HBCU Movement 0-1
Leading Scorer: Sam Shivers with an impressive 17 points
In a thrilling contest, the Movement showcased their remarkable talent and sportsmanship. Facing a formidable adversary in the North Alabama Wardawgs, the Movement demonstrated determination and resilience, making it clear that this season is one of promise and potential.

Upcoming Challenge:
The HBCU Movement is wasting no time as they prepare for their next game on October 29th against the #12 ranked Houston Redstorm. This matchup promises to be another exciting test for the Movement, and they are ready to hit the court with unwavering determination.

About The HBCU Movement:
The HBCU Movement is more than just a basketball team; it is a dynamic initiative dedicated to celebrating the excellence, heritage, and unity of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs). Beyond the game, The HBCU Movement is committed to making a lasting positive impact in communities, uplifting individuals, and promoting the power of education and sports. With a passionate and talented roster, the Movement is poised to make its mark not just on the basketball court but in the hearts of supporters and advocates across the nation.

Join Us in the Journey:
We invite you to be part of this inspiring journey, where every game is an opportunity to celebrate heritage, talent, and unity. Follow The HBCU Movement as they continue their quest for success in the ABA and, more importantly, their mission to empower communities and honor the legacy of HBCUs.

Stay updated with The HBCU Movement’s progress, events, and more by visiting our website at [thehbcumovement.com] and following us on social media [@HBCUMovement].

For media inquiries or additional information, please contact:

Mila Williams
President of Business Operations

Join us in celebrating excellence, unity, and the indomitable spirit of The HBCU Movement.

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